Selected reference objects: Redevelopment

  • Eppelheim [energetic redevelopment MFH]
  • Heidelberg [balcony restoration of a listed apartment building]
  • Ratcliffe (GB) [ABB power station]
  • Heidelberg; Bühlersche Mühle [conversion of listed barn to the house]
  • Dreieich [reconstruction and rehabilitation of the Weibelfeldschule]
  • Schloss Michelfeld [fire report]
  • St. Leon-Rot [KS-Gleitlager GmbH, modernization of the canteen and sanitary facilities]
  • Schwetzingen [redevelopment Tompkins Barracks]
  • Sembach [renovation of office buildings, barracks of the U.S. Army]
  • Babenhausen [rehabilitation of a U.S. barracks]
  • Sembach [renovation Kindertagesstätte]
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